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horrible parenting

Today, there was a screaming child. I think the child was between 4 and 6. Her parents are down in the Seasonal section. I have no clue why she started screaming. And then she started screaming "MOTHER FUCKER FUCKER FUCKER FUCKER FUCKER!" At the top of her lungs. The likelyhood of her learning those words are really high, since her mom was walking around swearing as well.</div>

Lovely. No wonder some people are fucked up.

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I love Across the Universe. it's such a good movie.
have I mentioned my crush on Damien Rice.

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 I am too lazy to x-post my posts from my other two blogs. So, here. if it should so entertain you.

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also, Happy New Year! Like I said on twitter, hope 2009 doesn't suck as much as 2008.


wish I saw this earlier.


horray for creative commons